„I still want to achieve a lot…“

Noema Erba - soprano, Prague, Czech RepublicNoema, currently you cooperate with new team and your repertoire has changed in comparison with the past. The results can be noticed and heard. What are your dream goals that you want to accomplish?
That’s true, I do have new team around me since 2011. I think that nowadays the team consists of exactly those people I need; those who keep on supporting me. I consult my repertoire with the professors constantly with tutors from the State Opera Prague, Czech Republic and the Dresden State Opera, Germany. This cooperation is very close, which is great! In 2008 The most noticeable change was the repertoire. I used to sing mostly Czech authors; nowadays I rather focus on world, Italian, German, French and Russian music (opera). Of course, I want to keep working on improving myself. I think each singer has their dream goals – so do I, but I would prefer to keep them secret.

Today you appear as a self-assured opera singer. But, how did you start out?
I started to study singing at elementary art school in the Czech province. There I took my first singing steps. Later on I enrolled in a conservatory and spent my years at private and public conservatories. At the Pardubice Conservatory I passed my graduation exam and sat the graduation concert. After the conservatory I was anxious to continue, thus I decided to enrol in the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague. After five years my studies were completed, I graduated with Magna cum Laude (June 2006) and a graduation concert.

You also have extensive experience with work and study abroad…
As part of my studies at the Academy of Musical Arts in Prague I wanted to study abroad. Since I’m good at German, my preference was to study in Germany or Austria. I wanted to be close to my family, friends and the Prague Academy as much as possible, so I chose an internship in Dresden. I was accepted for a scholarship and spent one semester at Hochschule für Musik ”Carl Maria von Weber“. I studied opera singing and took acting lessons. My study abroad was such a great experience for me. In addition, I really improved my language skills. I wholeheartedly recommend undertaking such an experience.

You often challenge your talented voice at front singing competitions. Which one has given you the most experience?
I took part in an international singing competition of E. Destinova in London, where I achieved second prize. In this competition I took part in several concerts and I sang at London’s Czech and Slovak embassies, at the King national theatre and in the foyer of Queen Elizabeth Hall. I have also taken part in Austrian and German singing competitions. The greatest experience was the Romanian competition in Braile, the international singing competition of Haricle Derclée. There I made it to the finale. It was my great success and experience as I was competing with more than 50 participants from all over the world.

What personalities – from both singing circles and private life – have influenced you most in your career?
Those are all the teachers and professors I met from elementary school to the academy. Family has been the most important factor; they have kept on supporting me all the way through, and I mustn’t
forget my friends. My husband has been such a support. It was he who showed me the path to follow, and he gives me all his support and trust. I would like to thank them all.

What are your next planned professional steps?
After achieving to work regularly in the Czech Republic and for more events over Europe I am currently preparing to take a step forward to Asia!

That’s why I am happy that I performed now my first concert in Manila (Philippines) in March 2012!

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