Noema Erba at ARCOTEL Teatrino Prague

Photos & Documentary: The Prague Concert –
May, 2008 (Czech Republic)

Wagner, Tchaikovsky and Dvorak, or Lehár and Strauss Jr. Aries from operas and operettas of these and many others great composers are parts of the repertory of young and budding soprano Noema Erba.

Art of singing was presented on the occasion of her „Gala Evening of Opera and Operettas Aries“ at the Arcotel Teatrino in the centre of Prague. Hundreds of people came to listen to her. Tenor Jozef Brindzak was singing as a guest. Both opera singers were accompanied by Jelena Noskova, a corepetitor from the State Opera Prague.

After the duet Lippen schweigen… from Lehár’s operetta The Merry Widow they part with the audience while whole-hearted ovation.

The Prague Concert 2008: Interview with Noema Erba

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